Moon Calendar 2024


This moon calendar 2024 is perfect to stay in touch with the moon phases and your woman cycle.

Price includes shipping costs in Europe.


Do you wish to be more in tune with nature, your body and your feminine cycle? this little post card lunar calendar is an excellent portal for connecting to the living and your inner nature. Through observation of the lunar phases, it will invite you to observe yourself and your woman’s cycle.

Women are multiple. This means that during her cycle, she goes through different phases which are comparable to the 4 seasons.

Winter: menstruation

Spring: follicular phase

Summer: ovulatory phase

Autumn: luteal phase

In menopause, the woman’s cycle alligns perfectly with the moon phases. Your inner winter will be during new moon, whereas your inner summer will be during full moon.

There was a time where women would bleed during new moon. They would come together (and still do in some parts of the world) in a red tent to share, meditate and resource. White women (menopaused) and young girls would bring them food and water to hold time and space for their sisters during their moon time.

Nowadays unfortunately, we aren’t connected to our cycle and to the moon anymore. However many women are seeking this connection with inner and outer nature.

Thanks to this little moon calendar, you will be reminded to observe your cycle in minfulness. Its post card format makes it easy to take it with you or to put on your altar.

It is also a great tool for intermittent fasting, energetic hair cutting and tatooing as well as biodynamic gardening.

On the back, there is a print of a unique collage of Maëlle Pouppez, especially made for this 2024 edition. When the year is over, you can frame it. Next year’s will have a new print so you can start a little collection.

Price includes shipping costs in Europe.