My journey

I am a self-taught fiber artist living in Belgium. At the age of 13 I started taking my reflex camera with me everywhere, developing my analogue photographs in my dark room, calling the local photographer to ask for advice as my films came out all burnt at first. At the age of 17, I spent a year in Chile with an exchange program where I caught the slow travel microbe. After my studies in communication, 20 years ago, I spent some months in Finland, Naples and a year in Montreal where I started painting and making assemblage art. These long stays in different cultures have definitely influenced me and my work.
I still continue slow-travelling in various countries, such as Bulgaria where I have spent two months every year over the last 16 years. 10 years ago, I found my language of expression in fiber arts, grateful for the gathering of all my favourite ways of expression: poetry, photography, recyclage, textile techniques and assemblage.


Artist Statement

My art prayers are born out of a need to contributing to the healing and harmonisation of the living. By assembling found pictures and prayers, cloth and thread, I create a poetic story that give impressions rather than an exact plot.
They give a feeling of freedom of interpretation to the viewer and thanks to a word, a stitch or a photo his eye is guided or given clues to, by the different layers.
My work is very intuitive most of the time, but it can be initiated by an intention, a dream or a thought. Always a prayer pops up while I’m working.
A prayer for the discriminated, the forgotten ones, the broken ones. A prayer for healing and harmony.

« I add a found photograph, some stitches, a poem, a number. I think it is the dialogue between all these elements that work best for me. »

Coaching and Rituals

My interests in self developement and personal growth brought me to ecorituals® and art 4 coaching.

I would be happy to share my knowledge and experience through a one on one session with my personal mix of art, coaching and rituals.

Inner Spiral

Connection is what it is all about in my journey. Connection is what fills my heart with joy. Connection with oneself, with mother earth and with all the living.

So it is not a coincidence I started working with thread…

Wool is fluffy and a ‘all over the place’ when it comes straight from the sheep, but when you start spinning it and twining it, it becomes solid. The fibers become strong when they are twined around their spiral. This thread can then be used for connecting things.


We are just like wool. If we are not twined around our inner spiral, we are not standing in our power and it gets difficult to connect. But whenever we are, we can start weaving relationships.

The act of creating helps to connect with your inner spiral and life force.

This is the mix of art and rituals we use at Celebr’Arte to connect with ourselves and the living